Zoom Translation Information

To view the meeting with Spanish translation:
Connect through Zoom during the meeting. Join the meeting using the link at the top of this page, and click the “Interpretation” (globe) button on the bottom of the screen. Select “Spanish.” 

Para mirar la reunión en español:
Se debe usar la aplicación Zoom durante la reunión para conectar su dispositivo. Unase a la reunión por medio del enlace en la parte de arriba de esta página, y entonces oprima el botón marcado “Interpretation” (el globo) en la parte de abajo de la pantalla. Seleccione “Spanish”.

Turn on interpretation


Click Spanish

Everyone else in the meeting will have to choose the Spanish language option in order to hear you.  Here's what it'll look like on the PC and mobile devices.



All of these features work on the iPad, iPhone, and android Zoom apps so you don't necessarily have to have a PC, although with a mobile device you need to have some sort of headset to prevent the original audio channel spilling into your translations.