School Health

PPSD School Nurses' Vision and Mission Statements
Vision Statement

The vision for the Office of School Health is to provide excellent health care to all students. Good Health is the cornerstone of achieving and optimal learning experience while attending Plainfield Public School.

Mission Statement

The Office of School Health collaborates with certified school nurses, the school physician, and the Plainfield Health Department to provide and maintain the health of all students and staff.

Welcome to the website for the Office of School Health. This is where you will find information related to school health. This includes forms for medication that needs to be given during school hours, seizure and food allergy plans as well as asthma treatment plans. These forms can be downloaded and taken to your child’s doctor to be filled out. Parents must also sign each form. This gives the school nurse permission to medicate your child in accordance with the doctor’s orders. Something new has come to the Office of School Health. There are now Standing Orders from our school physician, Dr. K. Powell allowing the school nurse to medicate your child for complaints of a toothache, headache, menstrual cramps or a headache. However, this form must be completed and signed for each school year. It is important to remember this may not take the place of a student’s need to go home or to see their doctor if recommended by the school nurse. This is a one time dose only and cannot be repeated if the student does not feel better.

Supports and Services

The school nurses of PPSD are registered nurses certified by the New Jersey Department of Education. We are available during school hours to meet the health care needs of each student. Parents are welcomed to reach out to the nurse in their child’s building to discuss any health care needs the student requires. School nurses are an integral part of each school in Plainfield. They actively participate on various committees such as the Intervention and Referral Services Team, the School Leadership Team as well each schools’ Pandemic Response Team. All nurses have been trained and kept up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and regulations in collaboration with the Plainfield Board of Health. Throughout the pandemic, our nurses are the District’s Frontline Heroes, caring for all students and staff. Contact tracing starts with each school nurse as well as any follow through that may be required. Nurses also perform vision and hearing screenings, heights weights and blood pressures along with biannual scoliosis screening.

Nurses Directory

Barlow School Niija Williams, RN 4293 [email protected]
Cedarbrook School Lory Estefa, RN 4275 [email protected]
Clinton Elementary School Monique Jackson-McGriff, RN 4219 [email protected]
Cook Elementary School Amber McKnight, RN 4211 [email protected]
Emerson Community School Karen Baily-Robinson, RN 4203 [email protected]
Evergreen Elementary School Esther Dasilva, RN 4257 [email protected]
Jefferson Elementary School Hope Ratliff, RN 4247 [email protected]
Stillman School Francisca Boayke, RN 4237 [email protected]
Washington Community School Dayra Torres, RN 4228 [email protected]
Hubbard Middle School Heidi Cadet, RN 4313 [email protected] 
Maxson Middle School Aisha Williamson, RN 4304 [email protected]
Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advances Studies (PAAAS) Glen Johnstone, RN 4376 [email protected]
Plainfield High School Sharon Hammond, RN 4411 [email protected]
Plainfield High School Shellon Jack, RN 4423 [email protected] 

Resources for Families

Health Services 

Neighborhood Health Services Corporation 

1700-58 Myrtle Ave 

Plainfield, N.J. 07063 



City of Plainfield- Vaccine Clinic 

510 Watchung Ave 

Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Vaccines by Appointment Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays 



UCPC Behavioral Health- Mental Health Services 

315 E. Front St.  

Plainfield, NJ 07076