Cabinet Members

Mr. Rashon K. Hasan

The Superintendent of Schools is the Chief Administrator for the Plainfield Public School District. Directs, manages and oversees all aspects of the District’s operational policies, objectives and initiatives.

Responsible for the attainment of short- and long-term financial and operational goals.

Provides leadership, innovation, management, and support to the district, schools, and departments.

Contact Information:

Mr. Rashon K. Hasan
Acting Superintendent of Plainfield Public Schools
[email protected]

(908) 731-4335 (office)
(908) 731-4336 (fax)


Mark Williams

The Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services is a senior level position responsible for providing leadership, innovation, management, and support to the district, schools, and departments in the area of curriculum, instruction, and school improvement.
The Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services oversees the following departments:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Bilingual Education, ESL, & World Languages
  • Early Childhood Programs & Services
  • Planning, Research, & Evaluation
  • Special Education, Gifted, Psychological Services
  • College and Career Readiness

In addition, the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services oversees the day-to-day operations of all district schools.

Contact Information:

Mark A. Williams
Assistant Superintendent
[email protected]
(908) 731-4424 (office)
(908) 731-4450 (fax)


The Business Administrator/Board Secretary is the chief financial officer of the school district and is guided by State law, Board of Education policies, and the administrative rules of the Superintendent. The person must have a wide range of successful academic, administrative and leadership competencies, and must be able to draw selectively on those strengths and skills necessary to ensure that the best possible use is made of the available financial resources in support of the educational program.

The Business Administrator/Board Secretary oversees the following departments:

  • Accounting/Purchasing
  • Business Administration
  • Compensation Administration
  • District Facilities & Grounds
  • Food Services
  • Grants Administration
  • Student Accounting
  • Transportation

Contact Information:

Rashon Hasan
[email protected]

Business Administrator/Board Secretary

(908) 731-4224 (office)
(908) 731-4345 (fax)

The Community Relations Liaison is the Chief Community Engagement and Outreach officer for the Plainfield Public Schools District (PPSD). The Community Relations Liaison serves as a bridge between community partners and the Plainfield Public Schools.

The focus is to:

  • Engage, build and maintain positive relationships with community partners
  • Work closely with stakeholders and partners to identify available resources and services available to parents and students
  • Develop and maintain internal and external communications
  • Foster a climate of open communications between the school district and the community-at-large to provide information about the PPSD, its Students and Staff.

Contact Information:

Ms. Gloria Montealegre
Community Engagement and Outreach
[email protected]

(908) 731-4333 (office)
(908) 731-4336 (fax)

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Carletta Jones Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources is part of the Superintendent’s Cabinet in charge of managing personnel. She directs and coordinates the administrative functions of the District.  Oversees recruitment and hiring of new staff; consults with the Superintendent on strategic planning; and serves as a link between management and employees.

The Director of Human Resources main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Maintain a well-qualified and diverse employee workforce
  • Lead recruitment and retention of staff at all levels
  • Oversee the evaluation of staff at all levels
  • Develop New Staff Induction & Support
  • Districtwide Professional Development
  • Negotiations, Collective Bargaining Agreements and Labor Relations

Contact Information:

Carletta Jones
[email protected]

(908) 731-4328 (office)
(908) 731-4332 (fax)