English Language Arts

Ms. Donna Mullaney
Supervisor of K-5 English Language Arts and Social Studies

Ms. Joan Cansdale
Supervisor of 6-12 English Language Arts and Social Studies

Contact information: 908-731-4200 

The English Language Arts curriculum is based in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and integrates the 21st Century Life and Careers Standards. All curriculums are revised as of 8/2019. For more information please contact Donna Mullaney (K-5) and Joan Cansdale (6-12).

Please use the link below to access the Plainfield Public School's Public Curriculum Site. 
Rubicon Atlas Public Access Link
Reading and Writing Workshop
40 Minute Model
60 Minute Model
70 Minute Model
80 Minute Model
Schedule for 80 Minute Block Options
Reading and Writer’s Workshop Suggested Schedule
Writing Fundamentals Units of Study
Elementary Reading
K-5 Writing
Middle School Writing
High School Writing
Orton-Gillingham Pacing Guides
Parent English Language Arts Resources
What to Expect from the New ELA Standards in Your Child’s Classroom
Parent Guide - Kindergarten Guía para los Padres - Kindergarten
Parent Guide - Grade 1 Guía para los Padres - Primer Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 2 Guía para los Padres - Segundo Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 3 Guía para los Padres - Tercer Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 4 Guía para los Padres - Cuarto Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 5 Guía para los Padres - Quinto Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 6 Guía para los Padres - Sexto Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 7 Guía para los Padres - Septimo Grado
Parent Guide - Grade 8 Guía para los Padres - Octavo Grado
Parent Guide - High School Guía para los Padres - Escuela Secundaria
Professional Reading
Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives, by D. Fisher, N. Frey, and D. Lapp
Read Joan Cansdale’s review here: http://www.middleweb.com/4344/turn-students-into-sleuths/
Big Skills for the Common Core: Literacy Strategies for the 6-12 Classroom, by Amy Benjamin with Michael Hugelmeyer
Read Joan Cansdale’s review here: http://www.middleweb.com/8163/ccss-literacy-explained/
Student Center Activities Aligned to the Common Core State Standards
K-1 Professional Development DVD on Centers
2-3 Professional Development DVD
4-5 Professional Development DVD
Use these charts to access Student Activities aligned to each of the Common Core State Standards (Grades K through 5). Click on the grade level below to access the activities organized by standard.
Reading Foundational Skills Common Core Standards Resources:
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grades 3-5

Reading Literature Common Core Standards Resources:

Grades K and 1
Grades 2 and 3
Grades 4 and 5

Reading Informational Text Common Core Standards Resources:

Grades K and 1
Grades 2 and 3

Language Common Core Standards Resources:

Grades K and 1
Grades 2 and 3
Grades 4 and 5