Dr. Jean Marie Gordon
Director of Grants and K-12 Science

Ms. Patricia Belin

Contact information: 908-731-4200 x5180

The Science curriculum includes the study of Science Practices, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science and Technology. It is based in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards,and integrates the 21st Century Life and Careers Standards. All curriculums are revised as of 8/2019. For more information please contact Jean Gordon.    
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Kindergarten to Grade 5  
Kindergarten - Animals Two by Two Unit  
Kindergarten - Exploring Heredity Interim  
Kindergarten - Lets Move Unit  
Kindergarten - Living Things Interim  
Kindergarten - Weather Unit  
Grade 2 - Changes Unit  
Grade 2 - Life Cycles of Butterflies Unit  
Grade 3 - Plant Growth and Development Unit  
Grade 4 - Animal Studies Unit  
Grade 4 - Earth's Place in the Universe Interim  
Grade 4 - Energy Interim  
Grade 4 - Land and Water Unit  
Grade 4 - Measurement -Scientific Practices Interim  
Grade 5 - Environments Unit  
Grade 5 - Life Cycles Interim  
Grade 5 - Motion and Design Unit  
Grade 5 - Scientist's Expert Interim  
MS & HS Tasks  
Grade 6 - Exploring the Properties of Matter Unit.pdf  
Grade 7 - Force and Motion.pdf  
Grade 8 - Crazy Traits Unit.pdf  
Grade 8 - Experimenting with Mixtures Compounds and Elements Interim.pdf  
Grade 8 - Experimenting with Mixtures Compounds and Elements Unit.pdf  
Grade 8- Earth History Unit.pdf  
MS ESS_Four Cities Nov 2014  
MS ESS Watershed Study Nov 2014  
MS LS Antibiotic Resistance Nov 2014  
MS PS Ocean Waves Nov 2014  
HS ESS Analyzing Floods Nov 2014  
HS ESS Early Earth Nov 2014  
HS LS Bee Colony Nov 2014  
HS PS Chem Sub Zero Nov 2014  
HS PS Physics Solar Cooker Nov 2014  
NGSS/CCSS-M Sample Classroom Assessments Tasks  
Chemistry of Life  
Diseases Unit  
Ecology - Interactions and Energy  
Ecology -Cycles of Matter Unit  
Evolution Unit  
Heredity Unit  
Microbiology Unit  
Molecular Genetics Unit  
Acids and Bases  
Atomic Structure  
Chemical Reactions  
Mole Calculations  
Nuclear Chemistry  
Periodic Trends  
Environmental Science  
Air Pollution and Climate Change  
Soil and Agriculture  
Water Resources and Pollution  
Science Practices Articles  
Argumentation in Science Education  
Helping Students Evaluate the Strength of Evidence in Scientific Arguments  
Lets Talk Science  
Making and Defending Scientific Arguments  
Negotiation Cycle to Promote Argumentation in Science Classrooms  
Pages from Scope Summer 2013  
The Practice of Critical Discourse in Science Classrooms  
Science Practices Posters  
Cause and Effect  
Classroom Set Espanol  
Crosscut Symbols Classroom  
Energy and Matter  
Stability and Change  
Structure and Function