2016 Youth Conference Survey

2016 Youth Conference Survey

Dear Plainfield Public School Student,
Thank you for taking this survey. The purpose of this survey is to gain knowledge about what programs and activities you would like to see in your school.

Student Instructions: Please be totally honest in your responses. Only you will know the answers you provide as we include no student identifying information on this survey. Thank you for helping us better meet your needs.


 Gender Male  Female

Answer each statement and check how true it is.

I need help with the following PERSONAL concerns:Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. Making friends/Fitting in at school
2. Dealing with peer pressure
3. Making better decisions
4. Improving communication
5. Teen Pregnancy Prevention
6. Getting involved in school activities
7. Dating or relationship issues
8. Concerns about alcohol and/or drug use
9. Helping myself (gaining more self-confidence, feeling better about myself, expressing my feelings and thoughts)
10. Being more assertive
11. Handling teasing or being bullied
12. Getting along with other students better
13. Feeling sad or depressed
14. Feeling suicidal
15. Grief over the loss of a loved one
16. Parental divorce of separation
17. Dealing with anger
18. Feeling stressed
19. Feeling anxious or irritable
20. Skills for resolving conflicts
I need help with the following SCHOOL concerns:
21. Being more organized/Managing my time better
22. Improving study skills
23. Improving test-taking skills
24. Understanding the best career/college options for me
25. The college application process
26. Understanding my learning style to improve how I learn
27. Knowing about and applying for scholarships and financial aid
28. Knowing what educational options are available to me when I graduate
29. Transitioning to a new school
30. Understanding graduation requirements
31. Selecting a career cluster or concentration
32. Someone in the school to regularly helped me plan for my future career.
33. Having at least one staff member in the school that I believe cares deeply about me and my success.
34. Having a clear career plan to follow when I graduate.
35. Being involved in at least one school activity outside of class.
36. Understanding why I need a good education.
37. I will stay in school until I graduate high school.
38. Continuing my education after high school.

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