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Dear Parents,

To ensure students’ continued learning, please use the links below to access resources aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA). You will find tutorials, sample tests, and practice items for ELA, Math, and Science.

Thank you-
PPS Curriculum Team

 General Parent Resources

Moby Max Parent Resource

Moby Max for Parents in English
Moby Max for Parents Espanol

Grades K-12 ELA Student/Parent Resources
Grades K-12 Mathematics Student/Parent Resources
Grades K-12 Science Student/Parent Resources

Clever Apps available for students

The district uses various learning applications that students have access to using either a
Clever badge (K-5) or directly logging into Clever Manually.

Clever is a program that allows students to log on using his/her district badge or
personal information to access all available web-based learning platforms.

  Please see the directions below for students who access the Clever Learning Platform.
Please note: Students in Grades 6-12 may not use Clever but will have a direct access to these apps.

 Clever Single Sign-in Directions
How to log into Clever for Parents? (Video)
How to use a clever badge for Parents? (Paper Directions)

NJSLA Resources 

Grades 3-12 NJSLA ELA Student/Parent Resources
Grades 3-12 NJSLA Math Student/Parent Resources

Assessment Resources Linked to Published Tutorials and Questions

Pearson Test Nav Tutorials and Practice Assessments for
English Language Arts and Mathematics

Pearson Test Nav Tutorials and Practice Assessments

Measurement Inc. Tutorials and Practice Assessments for 
Science Grades 5, 8 and 11

Measurement Inc. Science Practice Assessment

New Jersey Student Learning Assessments Resource Center
Practice Tests


New Meridian Resource Center

English Language Arts


New Jersey DOE Digital Item Library

English Language Arts

Lumo Learning Platform

Lumos Learning for Math and ELA




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Parent Toolkit is a one-stop resource developed with parents in mind. It’s produced by NBC News Learn and supported by Pearson and includes information about almost every aspect of your child’s development, because they're all connected. Healthy, successful children can excel in many areas – in the classroom, on the court, and in their relationships with peers and adults. Our advice also covers important topics for navigating life after high school.

From free lessons to educational videos, experiments, games, and activities, these 20 sites provide some amazing resources for any family interested in teaching kids at home. .

Top 20 Parent Resources

1. TED-Ed

This site lets you build a lesson around any TED talk, TED-Ed resource, or YouTube video. You can also find and use existing lessons on a variety of topics. A great resource for any teacher, homeschooler, parent, or student.

2. Simple Homeschool

A must-follow blog for homeschoolers who want to keep it simple, Jamie of Simple Homeschool shares reviews, giveaways, and articles on curriculum and other topics as well as inspiration and encouragement for homeschooling families.

3. Reading Eggs

This subscription site promises to make learning to read fun with games, songs, and engaging rewards as well as a series of mobile apps. It’s a favorite of many parents with kids aged three and up.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free online lessons and interactive exercises on just about every possible topic. These lessons can be a great resource for students and parents, whether you work through an entire subject, or just supplement with videos to get help with a tricky math challenge or other subject.

5. Exploratorium

The website for this popular San Francisco children’s science center features an impressive selection of free activities, videos, printables, and interactive online resources on a variety of math and science topics.

6. NASA for Students

The NASA website’s For Students section includes a great free catalog of articles, activities, videos, and games for students in grades K–12 on topics related to STEM, aeronautics, and space exploration.

7. Project Gutenberg

With more than 45,000 free eBooks, including a large collection of classic children’s literature, Project Gutenberg is a fantastic resource for growing your home library on a budget.

8. Duolingo

This free language app is available for iPhone, Android, and the web and offers fun and engaging lessons for a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Duolingo is a great option for homeschooling parents who want their kids to learn a new language but need a more affordable option than tutoring or language classes.

9. Steve Spangler Science

With engaging videos of experiments and science fair projects, as well as detailed printable instructions, and in some cases free lesson plans, this site is a a great source of inspiration and instructions for cool science experiments to do at home or in the classroom.


Articles on getting started, curriculum reviews, printable lessons, and links to local support groups make this site a great resource, especially for families who are new to homeschooling.

11. XtraMath

A nonprofit organization dedicated to math achievement, XtraMath features free math videos, lessons, and activities as well as progress reports and resources for teachers and parents. The site is a valuable resource both for homework help and more in-depth lessons.

12. The Learning Network

This blog from the New York Times (NYT) features free standards-aligned daily lessons on civics, social studies, history, and other topics related to current news and events. Quizzes, activities, and a student version of the NYT crossword offer more opportunities for learning in the classroom or at home.

13.  HowtoSmile

With more than 3,000 science and math activities, How to Smile is an award-winning, free resource for teachers and parents. The high-quality, hands-on math and science activities are particularly intended for students in “out-of-school learning environments” such as after-school programs, zoos and museums, and homeschoolers.

14. The Activity Mom

The writers at The Activity Mom are all former classroom teachers who now focus their attention on teaching their own kids and sharing resources and educational activities with others. Their blog is a great resource for parents looking for fun and educational activities, especially for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age students.

15. PowerMyLearning

This free web-based platform offers thousands of free, standards-aligned games, videos, and interactive activities in all K–12 subjects. Build classes and assignments and monitor progress, or use the site to encourage learning after school.

16. DiscoveryEducation

Discovery Education offers free resources for parents, teachers, and students, including lesson plans, homework help, videos, and more.

17. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a subscription site, but many families—both homeschooling and those with kids in traditional school—find the quality of the site to be worth the yearly fee. Engaging animated movies, quizzes, and educational games in every subject, as well as mobile access, are offered starting at $99 a year.

18. Coursera/edX

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) such as those offered by Coursera and edX can be a great way for high school students and advanced learners to challenge themselves with college-level coursework. Courses from world-class universities such as Harvard, Yale, and MIT are open to anyone, anywhere, f0r free.

19. Special Needs Homeschooling

This site offers articles, curriculum reviews, and other learning resources for homeschooling kids with autism, ADHD, learning disorders, and other special needs.


K12 offers independent and teacher-led courses for homeschoolers, plus supplemental learning programs such as Embark for preschoolers, in addition to offering public and private online schooling options. For a closer look at K12, visit Learning Liftoff’s Learning Games section, which features sample lessons from K12’s curriculum and learning programs. And visit to learn about the differences between online learning and traditional homeschooling.