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Dear Plainfield Families,


Welcome to the Office of Intervention Programs!


It is my hope that the resources and information found here will help you in supporting your children. Your partnership will be critical in supporting our champion students as we continue to navigate teaching and learning amidst the pandemic. Your cooperation will be key in bridging the many gaps that the pandemic widened and created for many students.


Please be aware that this year the district is following the guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Education to align interventions for students called The New Jersey Tiered System of Supports. These guidelines will ensure that your children receive research-based academic, behavioral & social-emotional supports based on data. Please reach out to your child’s intervention team or my office if you have any questions and/or concerns.


Let’s continue to work together to ensure that your child has a successful school year! Thank you for your time.

VISION STATEMENT: The goal of the Office of Interventions is to ensure that all Plainfield Public Schools Student Champions have access to high-quality instruction and learning opportunities and that all learners are supported, and served early and effectively by providing interventions at increasing levels of intensity matched to the academic and behavioral needs of students.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Office of Interventions is to maximize the learning potential of every student by providing targeted interventions through a data-driven and multi-tiered framework while advocating for at-risk students, implementing small group instruction, and building collaborative relationships with all Plainfield Public Schools Stakeholder Champions. 


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