Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to our newly created Plainfield Public Schools' curriculum page. Our curriculum is designed to be results-oriented. It includes multiple types of assessments that measure the success of both students and teachers. Our goal is to ensure that the curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and that it builds a foundation for challenging enrichment programs at the elementary level leading to Advanced Placement courses at the high school level. The curriculum was developed to be inter-disciplinary so students can make connections by scaffolding their learning from one subject to another.

All of our curriculum is now housed in the Rubicon Atlas system, which allows our curriculum writers to:

  • Collaboratively plan our curriculum using flexible unit planners
  • Ensure our lessons are aligned to our curriculum goals
  • Integrate assessments
  • Improve school-to-home communication with students & parents


We have just completed phase one of our transition. At least 85% of our available curriculum has been uploaded into the system. Our team of curriculum writers are currently in the process of updating additional curricula to be uploaded throughout the school year.

Each course is broken into units. Each unit will include the following:

  • A Unit Overview
  • The New Jersey Student Learning Standards
  • Big Ideas
  • Essential Questions
  • What students will know?
  • Academic Vocabulary

Please use the link below to access the Plainfield Public School's Public Curriculum Site. 
Rubicon Atlas Public Access Link
Currently the following curricula are available in Rubicon Atlas:
K-12 English Language Arts
K-12 Social Studies
 K-12 Science
K-12 PE/Health
K-12 Fine Arts
K-5 Mathematics (In progress)
6-12 Mathematics
K-5 Bilingual 
K-12 ESL
K-12 World Language (In Progress)

If you have any questions regarding curriculum related questions please contact us through "Let's Talk" located on the main page.

Mr. Mark A. Williams
Assistant Superintendent Of Schools
Plainfield Public Schools
"Champion for Students"

Rubicon Atlas Public Access Link

An Atlas Public Site is a website that mirrors the district's internal system in order to make parts of your curriculum accessible to people outside of your school team, either with or without a password. It can contain general curriculum elements from secure Atlas site, and will be automatically updated when teachers make changes to the district curriculum internally. It is a great way to share part of our curriculum with parents, community members, and other stakeholders, while still keeping selected aspects of the Plainfield Public School's curriculum private such as assessments, copy righted curriculum materials, and other secure documents.