Gifted and Talented

New Jersey State Mandate for Gifted and Talented

The New Jersey Department of Education requires that each school district provide services to meet the needs of students who have been identified as gifted and talented. Each school district must establish a process to identify students as gifted and talented using multiple measures. These students require modification to their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities (N.J.A.C. 6A:8-3.1).

The New Jersey Department of Education has not adopted standards for gifted and talented programs. However, there are standards that have been developed by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Districts may find them useful in developing curriculum and planning classroom instruction. National standards have been created for specialized programs and services. For teacher preparation in gifted education, knowledge and skills for all teachers and advanced standards in teacher preparation will help guide and improve teaching and deepen student learning.

PPSD Gifted & Talented Protocols

Please view and click below to learn more about the District's Gifted & Talented policies, provisions, setting up a Gifted Action Plan (GAP Plan), Gifted & Talented Student Checklist, and more.


  • As per state requirements, any complaint procedures regarding non-compliance with district policy regarding Gifted and Talented can be sent via the District's Compliance Feedback Form via LET’s TALK. Parents/Guardians will receive a response to the complaint within 10 school days.  Please click on the compliance feedback/complaint button below to submit your information.

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