Instruction & Programs

English Language Arts 
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Social Studies
The Language Arts curriculum is based in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and integrates the 21st Century Life and Careers Standards.
The Social Studies curriculum provides students an in-depth understanding of our global society. It includes the study of U.S. History, World History, and Citizenship in the 21st Century.
Visual and Performing Arts
Visual and Performing Arts
Our research-based, NJSSLS-S aligned Science curriculum prepares all students for their individual lives and for their roles as citizens in this technology-rich and scientifically complex world. Life, Physical, Earth and Space, and Engineering Science content knowledge is developed throughout our students’ K-12 experience as they investigate the natural and designed world. A growing body of research indicates that education in the Arts provides significant cognitive benefits and boosts academic achievement, beginning at an early age and continuing throughout a student’s educational career.
World Language
Bilingual/ESL/World Language
The Mathematics curriculum is based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and integrates the 21st Century Life and Careers Standards. The World Languages curriculum is spiraling and recursive and aligned to appropriate proficiency targets designed to enable the attainment of proficiency at the Novice-High level or above by the time of high school graduation.
Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology

The instructional technology department oversees all Ed-tech programs used in grades K-12. The department also hosts professional development sessions in both small groups and 1-1 sessions to help train teachers on our various platforms.

The Office of Instruction and Programs emphasizes the importance of teaching and learning by utilizing the most effective academic and instructional methods. This office focuses on supporting our students, educators, families, and communities with a high-quality curriculum that is aligned with New Jersey State Learning Standards.

All of our curriculum is now housed in the Rubicon Atlas system, which allows our curriculum writers to:

  • Collaboratively plan our curriculum using flexible unit planners
  • Ensure our lessons are aligned to our curriculum goals
  • Integrate assessments
  • Improve school-to-home communication with students & parents


We have just completed phase one of our transition. At least 85% of our available curriculum has been uploaded into the system. Our team of curriculum writers are currently in the process of updating additional curricula to be uploaded throughout the school year.

Each course is broken into units. Each unit will include the following:

  • A Unit Overview
  • The New Jersey Student Learning Standards
  • Big Ideas
  • Essential Questions
  • What students will know?
  • Academic Vocabulary

Please use the link below to access the Plainfield Public School's Public Curriculum Site. 
Rubicon Atlas Public Access Link
Currently the following curricula are available in Rubicon Atlas:
K-12 English Language Arts
K-12 Social Studies
 K-12 Science
K-12 PE/Health
K-12 Fine Arts
K-5 Mathematics (In progress)
6-12 Mathematics
K-5 Bilingual 
K-12 ESL
K-12 World Language (In Progress)

If you have any questions regarding curriculum-related questions please contact us through "Let's Talk" located on the main page. 

Rubicon Atlas Public Access Link

An Atlas Public Site is a website that mirrors the district's internal system in order to make parts of your curriculum accessible to people outside of your school team, either with or without a password. It can contain general curriculum elements from secure Atlas site, and will be automatically updated when teachers make changes to the district curriculum internally. It is a great way to share part of our curriculum with parents, community members, and other stakeholders, while still keeping selected aspects of the Plainfield Public School's curriculum private such as assessments, copy righted curriculum materials, and other secure documents.

Contact Information

Jean M. Gordon, Ed. D.
Chief of Instruction and Programs
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4373

Faye Clark
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5180

Joan Cansdale, Ed. D.
Supervisor of K-12 English Language Arts
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5455

Myla Simmons
Supervisor of K-12 Mathematics
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5472

Tristan Cox, Ed. D.
Supervisor of K-12 Social Studies
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5458

Clyde Griffith, Ed. D.
Supervisor of K-12 Science
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5451  

Shaniesha Evans, Ed. D.
Supervisor of CTE Programs
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5213

Kathy Maldonado
Supervisor of K-12 Visual and Performing Arts
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5178

Donna Mullaney, Ed. D.
Supervisor of K-12 Interventions
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5457

Kim Morris
Supervisor of K-12 Interventions
[email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 731-4200 ext: 5456