Tips for Parents


  • Have high expectations for academic success
  • Supervise child’s study habits at home
  • Keep track of child’s progress at school
  • Monitor time spent on extra-curricular activities (watching TV)
  • Ensure that child does homework regularly
  • Keep in touch with other parents at school
  • Know the school’s discipline code
  • Help your child keep pace
  • Keep an open communication with your child, your child’s teachers and school staff

Test Taking Tips 

  • Teach your child it is ok :
  • To reread a passage while answering questions
  • Read the questions about the passage before reading the passage itself
  • Reread the written directions and listen carefully to the spoken directions
  • Ask questions about the directions (if needed)
  • Fill in the bubbles correctly
  • Read all the answers to the multiple choice questions before picking the best answer
  • Use the process of elimination to narrow down to the best answer
  • Answer as many questions as possible and do not get stuck on one question
  • Answer all the easy ones first and then go back to the difficult ones
  • If points are not deducted for wrong answers, always guess at an answer
  • Always go back and reread the questions and check the answers if there is extra time
  • Make sure the child has a good night rest and a healthy breakfast
  • Make sure your child reports to school on time to take the test