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We have updated our links for Genesis.  If you have them bookmarked, please use the links below.

PARENTS - If you haven’t signed up for a Parent Portal Account yet, please click here.  The Parent Portal allows you to access your child’s attendance and grades from your computer, as well as communicate with the teacher!

We have found that some email providers send the Genesis Parent Portal Welcome email to your "Spam" folder. This welcome message contains your user Id and password. Please check your spam folder if you have not received your welcome email within 2 weeks.


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Genesis Help Sheets for the Plainfield User

Genesis Manuals
Genesis News – A collection of newsletters for both office and teaching staff

May 2009 - New Comment Field
February 2009 - All About the Parent Portal
January 2009 - All About Lists
January 2009 - All About MidTerm & Final Exams
December 2008 - All About Progress Reports
December 2008 - Tracking Staff Information
November 2008 - Changing the Marking Period